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According to the US Wage & Hour Division, employers must keep daily time and attendance records for each non-exempt employee. To help ease this burden, CheckWise Payroll offers simple and affordable payroll timekeeping and attendance solutions that accommodate both small and large businesses alike.

Payroll Timekeeping Services:

Our payroll timekeeping system designed with “everyday people” in mind, so our timekeeping and attendance services are simple to set up and simple for employers to manage.

Though the payroll timekeeping system also offers a variety of advanced timekeeping features, we can conveniently set up most of the “bells and whistles” behind the scenes so you can focus on simply collecting time, editing cards, and running reports. 

Timekeeping Collection Options:

Outdated punch clocks can be inefficient and become a constant frustration for employees. We offer multiple efficient and simple methods to track employee’s time spent on the clock. Some of our client’s favorite methods include:

  • Fingerprint / Biometric: Our biometric and fingerprint scanners cut through most dirt and grease, making it ideal for restaurant or construction employees.
  • Web Punch: Offer your employees the convenience of punching in and out all from their work laptop or any device with internet access.
  • PIN or Badge Swipe Card: PIN or badge card swipe systems allow employees to swipe in and out for breaks or lunches.
  • Over the Phone: Clocking in over the phone is ideal for businesses with employees who spend time working outside of the office and can simply clock in over the phone.
  • Proximity Badge: A proximity badge is contactless and records when the badge comes close within a certain range to a time clock sensor. This saves employees the trouble of manually clocking time.

Key Attendance and Timekeeping Features

As the choice payroll timekeeping service company for multiple industries, we offer a variety of features for each payroll service plan. Key features include:

  • Job costing
  • Automated overtime calculations
  • Data collection at clock in/out
  • Labor distribution
  • Holiday tracking and payment
  • Punch rounding (in/out)
  • Scheduling
  • Online time card editing
  • Electronic data transfer
  • Custom pay categories
  • Flexible reporting features
  • Daily auto email report
  • Shift differential pay
  • Automatic lunch deduction
  • Multiple pay rate payment

Attendance and Timekeeping for Nonprofits, Construction, Retail, and More

Since 1995, CheckWise Payroll has provided attendance and timekeeping, payroll processing, tax management, HR support, and more for a wide variety of industries, including:

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“We have been a customer of CheckWise payroll for over 13 years and we are very pleased with their services. They are very knowledgeable, friendly and always timely. They make the process so simple for us. I just submit the employees’ hours and they do all the rest. Their resources page is also helpful for me to quickly obtain any State or Federal form that I may need. They keep me up to date on any changes. I highly recommend them to any business looking for payroll processing services.”
-Tamara P.

Practice Manager, RetinaCare Consultants