About CheckWise Payroll

Who We Are

CheckWise Payroll LLC was established in 1995 and is locally owned and operated payroll services company. We provide Payroll, Human Resource, and Timekeeping services to businesses of all sizes and industries.

While the majority of our client base is located right here in the Capital Region, we also provide service to clients in more than 30 other states.

The professional staff at CheckWise Payroll is highly trained and qualified to respond to your payroll requirements with close personal attention to accuracy and outstanding dependable service.

Our Payroll Specialists undergo continuous training and work toward achieving and maintaining certification in payroll through the American Payroll Association (APA).  These certifications show our commitment to ensuring our clients receive the best possible service from informed and qualified Specialists.

How We Operate

Service and Respect

We strive each and every day to provide excellent client service, regardless of how large or small your business may be. We make every effort to get to know you and your business so that we can provide the highest level of service possible.

At CheckWise, you are a partner and client above all, not a number.  You will be treated with respect and appreciation at every encounter while experiencing our eager willingness to go above and beyond.

Check out these testimonials to see what our other clients have to say.

Honesty and Integrity

At CheckWise, we place honesty and integrity at the forefront of our business practices and value the trust that our customers place in our service.  We demonstrate this value through our commitment to high ethical and moral standards, vigorous and repetitive auditing procedures, and open and clear communication.

Commitment to Technology

We are committed to providing the most technologically advanced tools to make your experience with CheckWise easy and convenient.  These tools include our state-of-the art Online Payroll Portal with Employee Self-Service, biometric and web based timekeeping options, and Human Resources On-Demand.


Our Payroll Services Team

Bryan Geary

bryan@checkwisepayroll.com Bryan Geary

What I do: As the owner and President of CheckWise Payroll, it’s my responsibility to ensure my team has the knowledge and tools necessary to provide the highest level of client service and support. I am constantly looking at ways to improve our processes and enhance our technologies so that we can stay at the forefront of the payroll, timekeeping, and human resource profession. I lead by example and set the tone and culture of the company, with a focus on getting-it-right, sustaining the highest levels of trust and respect, and maintaining a proactive and adaptable attitude.

What do I do outside of work: My time outside of work is dedicated to my wife and three young children. I can be found at the soccer fields coaching or watching games, at the pool observing swim class, or at the local gym jealously watching my kids climb, jump, and swing at “ninja” class. I keep healthy by training for obstacle course races that offer both adventure and motivation. I’m often out running the Pine Bush trails as the sun comes up, enjoying the peace and quiet of the morning before the hustle and bustle of the day begins.

Suzanne Hill

Suzanne HillVice President of Operations
P:  518-435-0570

What I do:  As the Vice President of Operations in charge of the day-to-day processes, I lead a payroll team that is united in thought and purpose: “We get it right and if it’s not right, we make it right!”  The positive feedback from clients is how I gauge the company’s success and my own success.  Assisting businesses make a smooth transition from the woes caused by the “Big Guys” or helping a brand-new business get started sets the tone for an enduring relationship.  I am proud to be part of this exceptional company made up of dedicated individuals who know what they’re doing and who care about what they’re doing.   My broad experience in the fields of accounting, customer service and payroll have given me an intuitive and empathetic perspective for the clients I’ve had the pleasure to serve over the past 10 years at CheckWise.

What do I do outside of work?  I love to travel to warm destinations (who doesn’t?) and to go canoeing and kayaking in the beautiful lakes and streams of the Adirondacks and Vermont.  One of my talents is remembering song lyrics.  I thought this was a useless talent; but it came in handy when I was part of an oldies band, singing songs from before I was even born (several decades worth of music – thanks to my older siblings and my parents)!  A popular song request was “Somebody to Love” by Jefferson Airplane!  I also have a knack for impersonating people!   I live in Clifton Park, NY and enjoy a sweet life of love, laughter and adventure with my terrific husband and beautiful daughter.

Gary Wager

Software Development Manager

Gary WagerWhat I do:  My job is to integrate technology into our services. I make sure our software works correctly and adapt it to the changing needs of our clients and changing regulatory environment.   As a former longtime business owner (and Checkwise client!), customer service is in my blood. When I completed a project for a client or solved a problem, my greatest reward was seeing the happiness on their faces. It gives me great joy to build software that staff and clients actually enjoy using.

What do I do outside of work?  Because technology moves at an insanely fast pace and there is always so much to do, I stay sane by leaving the technology behind and heading outdoors, mainly to the Adirondacks. My passion is fishing because it requires concentration and it’s the only time I can truly tune out the demands of work and home. I’m not talking about sitting on the bank waiting for the fish to bite (although that is fun, too). I’m talking about walking a stream several miles into the woods or kayaking a remote river or lake where there are no motor boats. This is where the fish grow big and one can feel a real connection with our environment which is so easy to lose in our world of bits and bytes.

Jessica Bressette

Client Service Representative

Jessica BresetteWhat I do:  As a Client Service Representative, I understand the diverse and unique needs and schedules of my clients.  I anticipate their needs and proactively step up!  Getting to know clients and helping them is the highlight of my day.   Before joining the CheckWise team in 2013, I spent several years in the retail industry where I developed my exceptional ability to provide clients with amazing customer service.  This, along with my acquired payroll expertise, makes for a consistently happy, positive client experience.

What do I do outside of work?  I enjoy camping, moderately competitive lawn games, and cheering on my favorite college football team. Go Dawgs!

Rachael Stannard

Software Developer

Rachael StannardWhat I do:  I am one of the minds here that create and maintain thousands of lines of code and data. As a software developer, it is my job to make sure our code is not only correct, but just what our clients need. When I hear, “it’s that simple,” said to a client about our software, it tells me I’m on the right track. I always appreciate hearing feedback from clients and staff after updating or implementing a new feature. I am of the mentality that there is always room to learn and improve. I also enjoy working on software and helping to ease the process for payroll for everyone involved. There is nothing better than seeing clients and staff enjoy our software and knowing I helped create it. 

What I do outside of work?  Always something different! I have a deep love for technology and adventure, which bleeds into the sci-fi and fantasy I enjoy both reading and watching. At home, I work on projects that involve anything hands-on and creative, from programming to indoor gardening. I am a food enthusiast with more than one sweet tooth and like trying out new recipes. Since I can’t seem to sit still for too long, I tend to get outside and go on a day hike or go traveling. My favorite destinations are wherever I can find lots of rain and snow.  I also happen to love adorable and eccentric things, and have a habit of collecting them.

Wendy Crespo

Client Service Representative

Wendy CrespoWhat I do:  As a Client Service Representative, I pride myself on my ability to meet the expectations of our clients that CheckWise has always upheld. I have spent the last 27 yrs. in customer service and human resource environments and I understand how important it is to establish trust, respect and loyalty with clients. I also believe that teamwork is a key factor in the overall success of many endeavors. I enjoy being able to work with clients, assisting them with anything they need, within the timeframe they need it accomplished. My years of experience and high level of customer service will enable me to make each and every interaction a successful one.

What I do outside of work?  Born and raised in Vermont I have great appreciation for the quieter things in life. I would take fall leaves and a good snowstorm over unbearably hot weather any day of the year. I am married and a mother of two boys, one in college and the other following close behind. I also have a daughter who is slowly killing me, (I love her dearly) so I am no stranger to the madness of motherhood. I love 80’s rock and find time daily to get me time at the gym.

Megan Fuller

Shipping Clerk

Megan FullerWhat I do:  As the Shipping Clerk, I am responsible for posting payroll documents online as well as the printing, packaging and delivery of all our clients’ payroll documents and checks. I know that I am the last person to see the documents and payroll checks and the last to adhere to the highly organized quality control protocol followed by the entire CheckWise team! I take the sensitivity of the contents of each payroll package very seriously and take meticulous care because, like the rest of the team, I see each client as an individual.

What I do outside of work?  As detail oriented as my job is, I’m a big picture thinker and a huge Astrology nerd. I study the stars, psychology, philosophy, anything I can get my hands on. I love travel, jamming out to music that my parents listen to- Stevie Nicks is my hero, and spending quality time with the small circle of amazing people I have in my life.

Cody Rule

Payroll Service Representative

Cody RuleWhat I do:  As a Payroll Service Representative, I take pride in my desire and ability to be there for our clients Working in customer service as well as retail for over 10 years, I know how important it can be to have a trusted and reliable team around you to support your business. I strive to be a proactive and valuable resource in providing support for all of my clients and truly do embrace the opportunity to do so. My goal is to make every one of our client’s interactions with CheckWise not only successful, but enjoyable as well.

What I do outside of work?  I enjoy spending as much time outdoors as possible with my wife and dog. I enjoy hiking and nature walks, kayaking, taking in a ballgame (Let’s Go Mets!) and most of all, Downhill Mountain Biking. While I crave adventure, I also love the simple pleasure of curling up on the couch with a good sci-fi novel or strumming on my guitar. I’m a major movie buff as well with a love of almost any thriller flick!