Accounting Software Integration

Woman using accounting software integration.Why waste time manually entering payroll journal entries into your accounting software when that task can be done for you?

Accounting software integration… how does it work?

We set up our system with your account structure and link those accounts to your company’s wages, deductions, taxes, and payments that occur in a payroll.
Each payroll, we will send you a file with all the necessary debits and credits required.
All you have to do is import that file into your accounting software at your convenience!

Need help setting up the necessary accounts for payroll? The experienced staff at CheckWise can help make sure you have the right accounts in place for accurate payroll bookkeeping. We can also work directly with your accountant to keep all parties informed and on the same page.

Our payroll system works integrates easily with…

  • QuickBooks®
  • Peachtree®
  • Sage 100®
  • Great Plains®
  • AccountEdge®
  • …and more!