Payroll Processing FAQs


Why would I choose CheckWise for my payroll?
  1. We’re NOT one of the “big guys”, and that’s a good thing! Most of our clients come to us because they received poor payroll services elsewhere and were looking for a local payroll processing company that wouldn’t treat them “like a number”.  When you contact CheckWise, we know who you are, and you know us.  And by the way, we actually answer the phone!
  2. We have a payroll client-for-life mentality. We are focused on providing the best payroll service all the time, so that we can proudly call you a valued client year-after-year-after-year.
  3. We don’t play games with our payroll fees. We won’t bill you for a package of payroll services that you don’t need or want.  We won’t charge you 90% above the market rate and then give you a 70% discount to make you think you’re getting a deal.  We won’t raise your prices outside the market rate so that you have to call and negotiate the rate down.  Your invoice will always be fair and competitive, and you’ll know what you’re paying for.
When’s the best time to change my payroll service?
Generally, the ideal time to make the change is at the start of a quarter (January, April, July, or October).  While your payroll service can be changed at any time in the year, coinciding it with the first payroll in a new quarter creates a nice, clean cut-off point from the prior service company and keeps things simple.
How much time does it take to change to a new payroll service?
It depends!  Smaller companies without a lot of complexity can sometimes be setup in a day or two, while larger companies might take a few weeks to setup a payroll.  We don’t rush this process at CheckWise, because we want it done right!  This means that we might suggest you temporarily continue your service with your current payroll provider, while we make sure your account is setup properly.
Is it going to be a pain to change my payroll service?
No!  We do this all of the time, and it’s painless. We’ll provide a list of the information we need, and then put the pieces together behind the scenes.  Most of the time, the information we’ll request can be found right on your current payroll company’s online platform.  If you aren’t using an online system, we’ll stop by and make copies of your payroll reports.  Our goal is to make the process simple and hassle-free for you!
What’s the process for getting my payroll setup with CheckWise?

Step 1: Information Gathering, Reconciliation, and Testing

We’ll ask for some information about the company, such the business name, address, contact information, Federal EIN, and voided check on the business bank account.  Then, we’ll collect employee information and any historical payroll records for the current year.  All of this is entered into our payroll system, reconciled, and tested well before your first payroll.

Step 2: Timing and Method

Together, we’ll coordinate the timing of your first pay date with CheckWise along with a discussion about how and when to send us your payroll hours and wage information.

Step 3: Go-Live

At this point, we are ready to run your first payroll.  You’ll work with a dedicated payroll specialist who’s already been involved in the setup process and can answer any questions along the way.

What size companies does CheckWise work with?
We have payroll clients that range in size from one employee to hundreds.  What’s our ‘client sweet spot’? We find that we can provide the best level of service to small and medium size businesses located right here in the Capital Region and surrounding area.
What kinds of companies does CheckWise work with?
We have payroll clients that represent just about any industry you can imagine.  Our most common industries are Professional Services, Retail, Construction, Restaurants, Health Care, Hotels, Non-Profit, and Religious organizations.
I’m hiring my first employee. What do I need to do?
Congratulations!  Hiring your first employee is usually a huge move for any business.  At CheckWise, we’ve successfully helped hundreds of new businesses go through the process of hiring their first employee.  There are insurance requirements for workers’ compensation and disability, registrations with your state labor and tax departments, and you’ll need a Federal EIN and business bank account if you don’t already have one.  But don’t sweat it! Give us a call and we’ll guide you though each step.