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Professional Services payrollPayroll administration for Professional Service companies, such as attorneys, accountants, engineers, architects, consultants, and research firms often includes pre-tax deductions for health and retirement plans, paid time off accrual tracking for vacation and sick time, and direct deposit for employees.

We know Professional Services Payroll

CheckWise can help manage the complexities of your payroll:

  1. Our online payroll system allows you to submit new hires, make changes to employee information, gain access to payroll reports, and submit payroll information any time of the day or night.
  2. We have a full staff of payroll specialists available to help you with all your payroll questions and needs.
  3. We have a sophisticated accrual tracking system that can accurately track employee balances for your vacation, sick or paid time off plan. This information is displayed on employee pay stubs so that they always know how much time they’ve earned, used, and how much time they have left.
  4. Pre-tax deductions for health and retirement plans can be complex and often have maximum contribution limits. CheckWise keeps track of these limits to ensure your plan remains compliant. We can also provide retirement plan census information and file formats for contributions to your plan provider.

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“We have been a customer of CheckWise payroll for over 13 years and we are very pleased with their services. They are very knowledgeable, friendly and always timely. They make the process so simple for us. I just submit the employees’ hours and they do all the rest. Their resources page is also helpful for me to quickly obtain any State or Federal form that I may need. They keep me up to date on any changes. I highly recommend them to any business looking for payroll processing services.”
-Tamara P., Practice Manager – RetinaCare Consultants