Paid Time-Off Accrual Tracking

Chairs on the beach on a sunny day.Our integrated accrual system allows companies to accurately keep track of employee earned, used, and balance figures for vacation, sick, holiday, bereavement, or other paid time-off plans. Some of the advantages and capabilities include:

    • Earned, used, and balance amounts will show up on the employee’s pay stub, which means they won’t have to ask you how much vacation time they have left!
    • Company reports allow you to view and verify all accrual activity.
    • Earned rates can be set to accommodate a seniority based accrual system, which means that employees that have been there longer can earn more paid time-off.
    • Balances can be capped off to prevent employees from earning too much time, or allowed to build based on your plan.

Balances can be carried-over from year-to-year with or without a maximum amount, or zeroed out for use-it-or-lose-it plans.

Need help creating a Paid Time-Off Plan? Allow the experienced staff at CheckWise to help you create and implement a fully-functioning accrual system that accommodates your company. Also, if you’ve taken advantage of our HR Services On Demand, you’ll have access to a variety of accrual policies to choose from that can be inserted in your Employee Handbook.